Why Therapy?

Some people seek therapy for help with specific concerns, such as social anxiety or anger. Other people seek therapy simply because they want to better understand themselves. Still others have a sense that they want therapy but aren't sure where to begin.

The experience of therapy can vary widely, depending on the relationship we build and what you bring to sessions, including your set of concerns, your personality, and the experiences that have shaped you.  

I draw upon my experience and clinical skills to help you:

  • cope with distressing symptoms and the difficulties of life in today’s world;
  • provide insight into how your experiences and relationships shape you, which can allow you to find healthier ways of relating to others;
  • explore identity and background, and how you have been impacted by systems of injustice and oppression;
  • articulate feelings and experiences that have previously felt unsayable;
  • begin to heal from past traumas; and
  • find support during transitional periods in life.